Gas Siphoning Alert!!!

A notification of the type we wish unnecessary. I have received
reports of gas siphoned/taken from boats on Rock Lake during
the overnight hours of Saturday or Sunday this last weekend from more
than one boat…one observation being approximately 30 gallons from one
of the locations.  The boats were on lifts.

While such occurrences are rare on our chain (cannot remember a prior
one, but suppose at some point), I felt it was important that everyone
should be notified and take what precautions are available to you.

I would advise that such thefts…30 gallons is around $70….be
reported to the police so that they have record of the incident(s) in
the event they continue or escalate. Wish everyone a safe and fun Summer
on the water.  Mike

Michael R. Bantz
President, TLCA